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>> I know what its like to feel like you aren’t worthy of self love, or love from others.

>> I understand that constant struggle with self-confidence & negative self-talk tearing you down when all you’re trying to do is build your life up.

You Know, I was born & brought up in a humble family. My father works as a Tailor & we lived in a chawl in Mumbai, our financial condition was not good. In my family we were 4 members ,my parents, me & my little sister. But lost my sister , when she was just 4.

I was not good at studies & end up with lots of exam failures, failed in 12th standard, but life goes on… started my own business one after the other but failed in all the 3 of them miserably. I again started searching for a job, failed in lots of interviews but somehow I got a job as a Tele-caller executive.

I use to have a lot of bad habits- partying, unhealthy diet, waking up late, no discipline. I always have self doubts & overthink every matter. I always start comparing myself with others & have no rituals for myself. I was too focused on my job that I stopped learning & started living in a shell.

After being in corporate for 10 years, I finally decided– “No More” because I want to follow my heart. After going through so many failures and challenges in life, I went into the realization phase in 2018 and I decided to transform my life and I became Version 2.0 in 12 months.

And Now, I am on a mission to transform 10 millions of lives by helping them to become Version 2.0 in all 7 key spokes of life – Career, Financial, Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Social, Family.

Amol Karale

Version 2.O mentor, Life Transformation Expert,
Author of the Book- "The Magic of Failure"

At Just Rs.99/- + (Bonus Worth Rs.1599/- For Free)

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At Just Rs.99/- + (Bonus Worth Rs.1599/- For Free)

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Get a soft copy of the best selling book of Amol Karale The Magic of Failure”.

This book is for the ones who crave for liberation, who crave to be themselves, who crave to accept themselves the way they are and who, deep down, want to be UNSTOPPABLE.

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At Just Rs.99/- + (Bonus Worth Rs.1599/- For Free)


Get a soft copy of theLife Diagnosis Worksheet”. Absolutely for free 

This Worksheet can help you in discovering your inner potential. It is Specially designed to help people in getting a clear vision & setting up their desired goals.

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At Just Rs.99/- + (Bonus Worth Rs.1599/- For Free)

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At Just Rs.99/- + (Bonus Worth Rs.1599/- For Free)


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Social Life

At Just Rs.99/- + (Bonus Worth Rs.1599/- For Free)

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Everyone in my program has their own sort of fears, confusion & challenges in their Life,
But If they are able to overcome ... "Why Not You?"

At Just Rs.99/- + (Bonus Worth Rs.1599/- For Free)


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At Just Rs.99/- + (Bonus Worth Rs.1599/- For Free)

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45 Min, However it may get extend based on your problem.

You can book your 45 minute strategic call and you get a softcopy of my best selling book “The Magic Of Failure” + Life Diagnosis Worksheet(that will give you clarity in your life) @ Rs. 99/-

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My strategies & techniques have worked for almost 10k people (belonging from different sectors) & you are none other. There is nothing to loose here.

At Just Rs.99/- + (Bonus Worth Rs.1599/- For Free)

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My students are consistently achieving their desired goals one after another & living their dream life.

At Just Rs.99/- + (Bonus Worth Rs.1599/- For Free)

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